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For those who do not know, the Bacchanalia is a wild and mystic three day festival every March that celebrates our God Bacchus (Dionysus to some).The day ceremonies include a great deal of pomp and circumstance, but the night ceremonies typically involve only drugs, alcohol and sex. As a rule, no one older than twenty is initiated, though many initiates were inducted much, much earlier and a few special worshipers have been brought in after their twentieth birthday.

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It is also an excellent way to preserve virginity.” “So,” Bella interrupted, “Virgins can still be virgins and…have anal sex? She even touched on a few fetishes, being sure to tell them that these were not the norm, but not bad either. ” she motioned to me and, so help me, I think I blushed slightly. She’ll be running the opening ceremony.” Michelle looked over at the girls. She’s a great lady, very smart, and very sexy.” “And she loves little girls.” I followed up. Meats and cheeses of all kinds were placed in front of us and we ate and talked and drank and then the opening ceremony began.

Feet, scat, incest, blood, water sports, toys, S & M, she covered everything. She then explained Ryan and Bella’s role in all of this. “And that’s sucking cock.” “Do we get to do that now? Michelle giggled, rising from her place next to the couch. It’s getting on in the afternoon and I’ll bet we’re all hungry.” She glanced over to me and I nodded visibly. The hall had been converted to allow a small rise and a rather large gathering.

In lieu of warning any stupid fucks who may have wandered in here not to read this cuz it has pedo, m/f, f/f and probably m/m, I am just going to tell you to fucking grow up! It was in that capacity, as Royal messenger, I was sent forth, responsible for planning the great spring ceremony as I have so many times before.

I only write these words at her behest, to be recorded and saved. We never have a problem finding participants in the great Bacchanalia.

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