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Kees What gives Apple (i Tunes) the right to delete music from our libraries? I, for one, am switching to another platform for storing my music.Even if it isn't as user friendly as i Tunes, I know I will spend more time listening and less time figuring out what songs they deleted, finding them again and reloading them. If you didn't backup your stuff, well, any update to i Tunes could be trouble.i Phone Eraser can permanently erase all contents like text messages, contacts, videos, photos and more data from i Phone/i Pad/i Pod.Meanwhile, it can erase deleted files in case of avoiding some special data recovery program can easily recover deleted files from your i Phone again.If nothing else is working, you can force i Cloud Music Library to do a manual rescan by deleting everything in that repository.Note: If you go this route, your local files won't be affected, but you'll get rid of any Apple Music tracks or albums you've saved to i Cloud. Update i Cloud Music Library and wait for the process to finish.In addition, the i OS Eraser can clear all junks files, Apps, history, cookies on i Phone.Moreover, this software has three modes to erase your i Phone data like Low level, medium level, and high level.

Recently I opened i Tunes up and everything was deleted! Recently I opened i Tunes up and everything was deleted! Unfortunately I use i Tunes to move music from my PC to the i Pod and while I'm happily adding music, i Tunes is TAKING music!Before you go about doing this, you have a hard copy backup of your music library on at least one of your Macs: You don't want to reset your i Cloud library and end up without songs you've uploaded, purchased, or matched.There are currently a couple different ways to reboot i Cloud Music Library: You can use Apple's update method, or manually remove your songs from i Cloud.A large amount of these i had copied from my CD collection over the last few years in my spare time. I would like any input on saving my tunes because normally you can recover deleted files, multiple ways. Also one folder of a song i Bought from itunes, has no song in it but shows that it takes up more memmory.I right clicked in the folder and it says the purchase time of this song has expired?!?!?! I hope it isnt true and was just drunk talk by upper apple execs but if its true...........

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