Who is nikki reed dating 2016

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And let me tell you Nikki, I’m not going to give you all my secrets…I’m saving those for my website and my book! As a naturally curly girl, you know that our hair, our cuticle gets used to products rather quickly…

some more quickly than others and the truth is that when I find a really good one, I save it for the days when I know I’m shooting or on camera, so that I’m somewhat guaranteed a good hair day.

And so I had this poof in the front and whatever in the back and whenever I’d come home from Switzerland I’d get my hair relaxed.

So when I left Switzerland and started going to school in the States, which was 10 So I didn’t cut my hair off, I basically grew my relaxer out and then the journey began.

So we nursed my hair back to health using a silicone-y something on my hair and the Chi and that’s when I discovered all these other hairstyles that I could achieve.I will also tell you that depending upon which state that I’m in, different products work better because of the water quality.So products that work in New York don’t work so great in Los Angeles. When I was working there, my hair was like, what the heck is this Atlanta water?So, I went to get my hair blown out and the person that usually did my hair wasn’t in town and the woman that she referred me to used a stove and an iron… There was a man by the name of Scott Williams that came in to work on the set of Girlfriends, I think it was Season 4.it was still a flat iron, but it was too much heat for my hair and although I spent the entire summer with gorgeous, shiny, blunt, crazy great hair, three months later, my hair would not curl. After that season, I took great pictures of the straight hair that will never happen again (because the curls would never come back), and we started to discover the Chi curling iron, not the Chi-3 but the Chi.

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