Who is hannie dropkick dating

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” The girl considers it carefully for a moment before nodding slowly, sharing a smile with Seokmin.

“Sounds good to me,” says the mum, pulling her wallet out of her hand bag “I’ll have a pot of tea and some of that raspberry cheesecake please.” Seokmin nods, ringing up the order with a smile. Seokmin feels woefully unprepared as he plates up the order.

Gently tapping Seungkwan on the shoulder, he can feel his anxious nerves bubbling inside him along with a voice down screaming at him to ‘chill the hell out, it’s just a guy’. Seokmin has no idea what that means, if anything, but it certainly doesn’t help with ‘chilling out’. “Y-you’re early,” he coughs out in lieu of an answer and Seokmin is going to die because Mr. ” at this, Seokmin laughs hoping that will draw attention away from his blush, trying desperately to think of something that isn’t as weird as ‘hey I think you’re really cute and I’ve noticed you always come here at , but today you came at , what’s up with that? “Ah, well,” the truth will just have to do “you normally get here at . “I definitely have to agree with you there,” Seokmin says and he wishes he could say something else, anything just to keep Mr.

Bracing his hands on the counter Seokmin closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. ’s eyes are full of concern and warmth and Seokmin wants to melt into the cafe floor. laughs and it’s the most beautiful thing Seokmin has ever witnessed in his whole life. ’s attention for a little longer, but he can’t think of anything and just smiles back at Mr. who seems perfectly happy just smiling back. this long - he often comes in with at least 2 friends, and when he does come alone, Seokmin has freaked himself out into not saying anything of substance more than what’s necessary.

He probably shouldn’t - he’s not even gearing up to ask the guy out, despite Seungkwan’s encouragement. I let my dance class out a little early today - they all did amazingly on their examinations so I told them to go off and have fun,” a grin flashes across his face, “And anyway, time isn’t real.” A laugh bubbles out of a surprised Seokmin, and he can feel Seungkwan’s knowing look on the back of his neck from where he’s standing opposite Hansol, who’s seated on one of the red vinyl stools. Seokmin’s strangely feeling more confident now, less like Mr.

But he can feel his mouth getting drier and drier as butterflies fill his stomach while he tries to artistically place the strawberries on the girl’s dessert. And well, you’re early.” Seokmin smiles sheepishly, willing his warm cheeks to calm down. is someone he should be nervous around, although the butterflies stay.

” Seokmin feels a trickle of guilt as he looks around the cafe that has become a lot busier without Soonyoung or Seokmin noticing in the time they’ve been talking.

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

He tells Seungkwan, who’s working beside him, as much and receives a snort of laughter in return.

” Seokmin doesn’t even try to disguise changing the subject - as much as he loves Seungkwan, Seokmin is quite happy keeping his admiration of a certain customer completely and utterly undiscussed. Her face is scrunched up in an adorable frown of hard decision-making. ” she asks her mum, who nods, laughing at her her daughter’s indecisiveness.

The girl sighs and stares very hard at a raspberry cheesecake before giving equally as much attention to the collection of huge Viennese whirls sitting next to them.

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