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Lucky faces a series of tragic events starting in 2010, including Elizabeth's affair with his brother Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher), the death of his legal son Jacob Spencer, his father's alcoholism, the death of his wife Siobhan Mc Kenna (Erin Chambers) and his own relapse into drug addiction.Lucky's teenage story arcs had social impact; viewers praised the recovery of Elizabeth's rape as helping other victims to heal, and the couple's innocent relationship aimed to show the option of sexual abstinence to younger viewers.His birth having been announced on-screen in 1985, a ten-year-old Lucky was cast in 1993, played by newcomer at the time, Jonathan Jackson.

(...) It was more of a confusing thing for me coming back and not knowing exactly what was going on, on the other end of things." Jackson explained: "I love to work hard but I've been at maximum capacity in terms of mental and emotional output for months on end and it has become too difficult.

Jackson explained to Soap Opera Weekly: "I kind of feel that the fact of how much work they've given me this year, at this stage as an actor, they just maxed out quite a bit of what I would do for the show. There are more projects for people my age or a little older than there were a few years ago.

Hollywood's the kind of town where you kinda have to strike while the iron's hot." Jackson's manager Tony Monziotti released the statement: "[Jackson] has told GH and made it very clear to me that he wants to periodically go back to GH.

Lucky and Elizabeth help Nikolas and Emily catch Emily's blackmailer, found to be Elizabeth's rapist, and in the process Lucky and Nikolas start to bond.

Meanwhile, Lucky and Elizabeth fall in love; they exchange vows in a church on Valentine's Day in 1999.

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