When did hayden and milo start dating lincolnshire dating 4u

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Even after the divorce, Cameron still sees Lucky as his father and Lucky raises Cameron as his own son.On January 11, 2008, Elizabeth scolds Cameron for playing with matches in the house.Cameron has a hard time dealing with his death, since he is young and confused.

He is the son of the late, Zander Smith and Nurse Elizabeth Webber via one night stand, but Lucky Spencer, who raised him, is the only father he has ever known. Rebecca Herbst, who portrays Elizabeth, was pregnant in real life with a little girl during this time so her pregnancy was written into the show.Elizabeth leaves town to have her baby and returns on June 18, 2004 with baby Cameron.Cameron is often left in the care of Elizabeth's grandmother, Audrey Hardy while Elizabeth studies to become a certified nurse at GH.Zander agrees to let Elizabeth and Ric raise his child.Elizabeth ends up divorcing Ric when she realizes that he won't let go of his obsession with Sonny.

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