What is the penalty for liquidating 401k dealing dating disappointments

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Reply Just over 5 years, but my expenses would drop rather dramatically if I lost my income, as I did in 2009 & 2011.

The biggest and most terrifying unknown for us is medical insurance.

And it’s very scientific ;) It looks like I’m now Ultra-Wealthy – sweet! Like I said, super scientific :) In all seriousness though, knowing how long you can last in a worst case scenario is super empowering.

Even if we’re simply talking about here and not months, you have to be sure to count each of them as a major WIN as it’s one more week/month than the old version of you once had!

Remember – the point of money isn’t to die the richest man in the cemetery, it’s to be used while you’re very much alive and ready to live out your dreams. For some it will mean having ,000,000 stashed away to accomplish this, and for others “only” 0,000. The wider the gap between these two the longer your money will last. The point isn’t to see who’s “bought” the most time here (although secretly that’s going to be fun too ;)), but more so to . Or at the very least, whisper them into your sweetheart’s ear like the sweet nothings they are, haha…

Simple math.* So today’s task is easy – tally up these two numbers of yours, and then find your own place on the wealth-o-meter chart. Not unlike the reasons we’re so obsessed with tracking our net worth here too. After all, nothing says I Love You more than freedom!

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