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My history with We Chat:2012- My friend George moves to Shanghai, we struggle to stay in touch using Facebook and other services via proxies, VPNs, etc.

He finally convinces me to download We Chat, just so he and I can stay in touch.

Many thousands of Americans have downloaded the app and created an account, but it remains most useful for people with some link to China (lived there previously, live there part time, family/friends living there, providing services to all Chinese clients, etc).

This is in stark contrast to Chinese usage, which is all-day every day for every person and every facet of their life.

He is my only contact, and I use it only when I talk to him.2013- I have convinced a few other people (my girlfriend, my Chinese friends living in Paris) to add me on We Chat.

I have ~10 contacts, and use it a few times a week because it's fun (stickers, games, voice chat).2014- I get a job working at the KENZO flagship store.

I eventually have hundreds of contacts, using it every day to communicate with clients.2015- I get a job working at SAME SAME but different, a digital agency specializing in communicating for western luxury brands in China.

I help spearhead the Global Shopper initiative, which basically means I start building We Chat apps for our clients.

It can purchase items, get gifts delivered to your loved ones, book restaurants, travel arrangements, appointments and way more.

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Currently however, since 2013, Tencent has effectively stopped all international expansion in the west, choosing to focus more on adding incredible utility for its national users and launch only in similar, surrounding countries (e.g. We Chat features like P2P payments and car-hailing services are thus far not available in America as a result.

On top of them rebooting their western expansion, they would also need to build some basic things in English.

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