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A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. To weigh against all the agree- ables of Mauritius, which bears Maurititis. It was in the year 186 — that I made the first of some twentj-six Atlantic Yoyages, whose some- what nneventful records lie buried in a pile of Letts^s diaries in a seldom-opened drawer.Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. 95 in most reepecis favourable com- paiiaon with many parts of India, and for some advantages is far saperior, of course there is the intense heat of at least six^ months of the year, mosquitoes, and fever. By refer- ring to one of the earliest of thesoi written in a hand whose legibility, alas! I found myself beginning to take a deep interest in the local newspapers, which are chiefly notable for the slashing manner in which they take to pieces the public character of every official in Government or other servicey 94 Mauritius. Two are deserving of special mention, ' Ghamarel ' and the ' Tamarind Falls.' The latter, as indeed the whole island, is very well de- scribed in a book I chanced on lately, called George the Planter, written by Dumas while as yet the island was under French mle. Horse-racing : some old Matches and some new Dodges . Words fail me when I try to de- scribe the shops and the articles which they contain, or rather which they do not contain ; for hoping against hope, week after week have we gone into town in search of the very commonest materials for fancy work, or, indeed, some- times for wearing apparel, and * Since this was written he has left the islaud. In those who have heard Patti and Nilsson, Capoul and Faure, the prime donne and tenori of Port Louis awake but little enthusiasm ; but in the eyes and ears of people who havewnever left the little island but to spend a month at Bourbon, Mesdames £. But amid much that is pleasant there lacks in Mauritius one thing dear to a woman's soul, and that is scope to supply her love of shopping. By WUkie Collins, Author of * The Woman in White * : Chaps. Of the sugar-cane, its growth, and the process it undergoes be- fore it is presented to us in the form fiimiliar to us on our table, so much has been written before by those who understand such things — and the feminine mind gets rather confused among the complications of 'virgin canes,' and 'first and second repousse,' and ' vacuum pans,' and ' centri- fugal force,' and turbines,' and ' gray v^sous ' — that I shall not attempt a description, though I was much interested in the sight of a mill in working order, and thought that I had mastered the deta Us till I came to describe them viva voce.

I never lost the value of a pin's worth during my stay, though many were the opportunities afforded to a person addicted to stealing ; I never had a rude word addressed to me, but had many courtesies offered in the graceful Indian fashion ; and when I left, the servants of the place, down to the very smallest chokra, drew np to si Jaam and wish Mamselle 'bon voyage,' mutually sorry to part.

Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. The band played untiringly during the outmrd journey, and would, no doubt, have been equally energetic on the return, had not the addition of champagne to their native bever- age of rye whisky been too much for some of them.

You can search through the full text of this book on the web at | //books .google .com/I 1 i JLi ONDON SOCIETY. Many quarrels, too, were made up on that auspi- cious day.

%,n llhstrateb P^a0a^tnt OF LIGHT AND AMUSING LITERATURE FOR THE HOUES OF BELAXATION. People whom no other circumstances could have induced to meet found themselves face to face upon that steamer's deck, and drowned past issues in its festive cheer. Brown had even gone to the trouble of getting up the history of many of these aliena- tions, and, in that delightful and not-to-be-denied manner of his, took the liberty of a stranger in laying the foundation of many a reconciliation.

Not that one can wonder at or complain of the price, as, owing to the damp- ness of the climate, goods of all kinds are likely to become spotted with mildew, for which there is no remedy.

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