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These are, today, mostly kept in museums, and the modern versions are worn only on special occasions.

Exactly what triggered the ‘bead rush’ that continued throughout the two centuries between 18 (with still-lingering echoes) is difficult to establish.

Yet many also feel them to be general enough (if they are black South Africans of indigenous African origin) to be considered “African”.

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The only difference I would see is some had the tdk inductor or the stack of dimes inductor and maybe some odd ball 4.0/4.7 electro caps. Can't go wrong with [email protected] Quackzed I'm aware That both wahs were buit in Cali and Chicago and the inductors that came with them.Small quantities of gold beads found in archaeological excavations at Mapungubwe, Great Zimbabwe and Thulamela are undoubtedly of local manufacture.At these sites, large numbers of imported glass beads were also found, indicating that the inhabitants acquired glass beads from at least 800CE onwards.The increasing numbers of black Africans pressed into wage-labour from the 1850s onwards, particularly in Natal, formed a ready market for these items, especially in those spaces where sumptuary laws were not in force.It is thus to the beginning of the 19th century that one has to look to find the start of the traditions of beadwork that South Africans like to think of as age-old heritage forms.

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