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Important notes: You will want your tooltips to display over all other elements on your web page.This is done by setting the z-index value to a number greater than the z-index of any other elements on the page.Power Tip is specifically designed to give you full control of your tooltips with CSS, with just a few basic requirements.I recommend that you either adapt one of the base stylesheets to suit your needs or override its rules so that you don’t forget anything.You can set this in the markup or with Java Script at any time.It only accepts a simple string, but that string can contain markup.

The tooltip behavior is determined by a series of options that you can override.You can load and use it by adding the path to your paths configuration and referencing it in your is an object with the various settings you want to override (all defined below).For example, if you want to attach tooltips to all elements with the “info” class, and have those tooltips appear above and to the right of those elements you would use the following code: attribute on the elements themselves.Important notes: You will still need to include the CSS in your web page.Power Tip also supports the AMD loading specification used by Require JS.

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