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Karin commented, “The sessions are relaxed and fun and a great way to connect with like-minded fellow vegans and vegetarians.

There really is no pressure, just have a chat and see if you can feel a connection and would like to see that person again.

Karin will then contact you nearer the event to confirm all the details.

The workshop is being hosted by vegan legend Karin Ridgers, who set up with leading dating experts because so many people were asking her how to meet like-minded vegans and the place to connect and find love with like-minded vegetarians and vegans.The site has lots of fantastic options for you to play with, such as sending cards, personality matching, listening to voice messages, viewing members videos and much more.Also as an internet TV station we love video clips. Of course if something is too much of an advert then we look at it differently to something that is only editorial. We are different to print media so don’t really have a deadline. Could be filming, promoting Veggie Vision, organising shoots, liaising with celebs, doing interviews, writing for publications, or reviewing a break or restaurant.

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