Validating numeric values in c net

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NET validation controls, you can validate a user's entry against a specific value using logical operators.For example, you can specify that the user's entry is a date after January 1, 1950 or that it is an integer value greater than or equal to zero.Add the following inside your name Textbox's Leave event: Private Sub txt Name_Leave(sender As Object, e As System. Leave 'If Not A Matching Format Entered If Not Regex. If you are uncertain about the pattern I supplied, have a look here. Just a note, some surnames contain spaces and even hyphens. Sometimes there are even brackets surrounding the code.

Also, the more tests you are performing, the slower your app might become. For more information regarding Regular Expressions, you are welcome to look at these two MSDN articles: Because it is always easy to learn by doing things practically, you will be creating an app that makes use of Regular Expressions to determine valid input. NET application and design the form to resemble Figure 1. Obviously this only works for the formatting of the email. Refresh() End Sub Private Sub XText Box_Key Down(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Show(str Currency) '----------------- str Currency = str Currency & e. The main problem with most of the examples I could dig up was that they only include numeric values, but that provides a rather lame user experience.You need to still allow basic operational keys for a textbox – navigation keys, backspace and delete, tab/shift tab and the Enter key - to work or else the textbox will feel very different than a standard text box.

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