Validating fradulent documents

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These procedures known as KYC (Know Your Customer) are used by public and private sector institutions, document verification agencies, to combat identity or financial fraud as well as to comply with international regulations against money laundering and terrorist financing.

Document Verification (Infographic) Gemalto ID Verification is a distributed software system that automatically verifies the electronic and physical security features of identity documents.

In some stores, the fraud rates were slashed by up to 100%.

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If the fraud is sufficiently serious to: then the firm will be able to "forfeit" the policy (refuse to pay the claim or provide any future cover).In May, his van was broken into and a number of personal possessions were stolen, including the tools he used for his work.He made another claim to the firm under the personal possessions section of his home contents policy.Our document checking solution also addresses the needs of the private sector (telecoms, currency exchange, money transfer, post offices​, car rental companies and more).ORANGE, the leading Mobile Network Operator, rolled out Gemalto ID Verification in some ​700 stores across France in 20.

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