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format detection, filtering, read quality statistics, and merging of paired reads.Furthermore, VSEARCH extends functionality with several new commands and improvements, including shuffling, rereplication, masking of low-complexity sequences with the well-known DUST algorithm, a choice among different similarity definitions, and FASTQ file format conversion.You should usually then only need one attempt to get the correct, valid, certificate as you have tested everything already.Thank you @serverco for the incredibly quick reply!If you’re doing this on a different host (like your laptop), you can still get a certificate, but you’ll have to find another way to solve the domain ownership challenge.One of the plugins that could help you with that is the manual plugin.I’m pretty sure I correctly followed (and when instructed to do so by certbot and before continuing) certbot’s instructions regarding what content to put at what URL at the domain I control.

But I’m not trying to generate a cert for this computer that I’m running certbot on; I’m trying to generate the private key, certificate, CSR, and CA for a server running in a hosting service that allows me to upload all four of those items.

Note that the certificates are only valid for three months, so you’ll have to do this at least four times every year. With the aid of your reply, I think I now better understand what certbot was trying to do during my last attempt at running it (in the command shown in my original post), and your reply makes it clear to me that I should indeed be using the Let’s Encrypt will issue a limited number of certificates each week. If you are trying out certbot for the first time, you may want to use the --test-cert flag, and a domain name that does not receive live traffic.

This will get certificates from our staging server.

If you use the --test-cert flag then these restrictive limits do not apply.

You can test and make sure you have everything correct using the --test-cert flag and once you are happy that everything is working, remove the flag.

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