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If you change any of these settings, then you need to close all browser windows and start IE again.

Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Windows XP includes improvements to Internet Explorer security that are intended to help most users by stopping web pages that contain "active content" from accessing your computer maliciously.

For browsers such as Netscape 7 and Opera, you usually have the option of including a Java VM in your download.

If you have a Java VM already, then you may need to update it.

This unzips into a folder of your choice - then run the unzipped file also called after reading

updating sun java-67

updating sun java-39

updating sun java-31

updating sun java-25

Netscape 7.1 for Mac OS X includes the Sun Java 1.3.1 VM - it does not use the above OS X Java 1.4.1.

To check for updates, open the Java Plug-in Control Panel, select the Update tab and click on the "Get Java Update" button.

Your browser will now open at the Sun web site and tell you if there is an update available.

If the Sun Java logo is not in the taskbar, you probably need to enable it in the Java Plug-in Control Panel - select "Hide console" to show the taskbar logo but hide the console itself until you want to see it.

Microsoft no longer distribute their Java VM, although you can update an installed Java VM as described below.

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