Updating data source

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For example, you can specify Database or Windows authentication for Teradata, and Account key for Azure HDInsight.You can specify other data source settings in the dialog including privacy level and encrypt connection for relational databases.If you perform a refresh on an extract using version Note: If you see the Tableau Data Server option, but the commands in the submenu are unavailable, the data source exists on the server, but is not an extract.It is also possible to update an extract on Tableau Server using a command-line utility.For more information, see Tableau Data Extract Command-Line Utility." Select Command="SELECT Col1 from Table1 ORDER BY vr.In this post I will discuss about the Update Source Trigger keeping the case of textbox in Mind.I have created a sample application to demo the Update Source Trigger.

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It is not currently possible to edit a published data source directly.All data sources in the Power Query connection will be shown in the data source info page.To improve the user experience, we’ve added a DETAIL column to demonstrate the information of the data source, and the Details in the right pane is expanded by default. In order to configure a non-configured data source, specify Name and Description (optional) for the data source and select a Gateway.We’ve added more information on this page to help you determine the information needed for a valid Power Query connection string, as well as a complete matrix of supported data sources.Please note that currently we only support Power Query connection strings from the DATA tab in the Excel workbook, please refer to online document for details.

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