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Cache directly, you should always be accessing it via the Application Context.

Static cache should be rarely used and should be used with caution since it can cause memory issues.

There are times when you must update one or more of the servers in a cache cluster, and these updates can require a reboot.

This section provides cache cluster guidance for this patching scenario. This works best for caches that have time-periods of lower demand.

I am using App Fabric to handle the caching capabilities of my website. It never goes any further and consequently won't let me install anything. Does this just take a very long time or is it actually stuck?It's been more than 10 mins and that bar hasn't changed. An application can define that a resource is to be cached by setting the appropriate ICM cache headers.Caching is done (files and responses are stored) in ICM, so AS Java caching benefits from all features of ICM caching.

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