Updating blob not wanting dating anyone

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You should schedule the clean-up tasks to be run during off-peak hours to reduce the effect on regular database operations. In RBS configuration we have 3 important threshold for clearing BLOB data.

delete_scan_period : Specifies the minimum amount of time that must pass between two reference scan garbage collection runs.

Usually this is not a problem it is by design issue , because purpose of data recovery ,performance consideration, data integrity and safety the deleted files in real are not deleted immediately.

So many systems are designed like this as Share Point and also RBS included.

From SQL Server Management Studio: 1)Open SQL Server Management Studio 2)Select RBS enabled Content Database and click “New Query” 3) Execute following queries.

exec mssqlrbs.rbs_sp_set_config_value ‘garbage_collection_time_window’, ‘time ’; exec mssqlrbs.rbs_sp_set_config_value ‘delete_scan_period ‘, ‘time ’; exec mssqlrbs.rbs_sp_set_config_value ‘orphan_scan_period’, ‘time ’; Our job is not done yet: “The actual work of GC is done by the RBS Maintainer application.

Share Point Server 2010 counts references to BLOBs by looking at the list of BLOB IDs stored by Share Point Server 2010 in its content databases at the time of removal.

Any BLOB references that are present in the RBS store tables but absent in the content database are assumed to be deleted by Share Point Server 2010 and will be marked for removal.

In that Point you have two option to bypass this feature that 1) you can totally disable Recycle Bin from Central Administrations site by CA- on Ribbon Menu Select General Settings and set “Recycle Bin” property as “Off” 2) or when you delete a file you can clear Site (First-stage) and Site Collection (Second-Stage) Recycle bins.

It can also be run from multiple machines simultaneously.

You can schedule it using your favorite scheduler e.g.

You turn on and configure Recycle Bins at the Web application level.

By default, Recycle Bins are turned on in all the site collections in a Web application.

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