Updating an antique wardrobe trunk

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Best to leave the parts in place to the greatest extent possible. There are two basic trunk tools that you can't be without if you're going to succeed in funding your retirement by fixing up smelly old things (trunks, not the Widow Pontbriand cross town).Still, some things just flat out have to be removed, like those things that hold the handles in place. First essential tool is a good pair of end nippers. Here are the two in action: These tools are available online through our our Parts pages Lift up the nail heads with the Tack Jacker, use the nips to roll the nail out.The top makes a perfect table, while the storage inside keeps your room from being cluttered.Embrace Vintage If the thought of painting over an antique trunks fills you with dismay and you’re ready to utilize and showcase the rustic elements of a trunk, here are our tips for using them in your home.

If you’re blending an antique trunk in with a mostly mod room (think Art Deco, clean lines, punchy colors) don’t be afraid to add fun details like stripes or an all-over bright color like chartreuse or citron.

You'll have to pick em up next day over to Pinkham Notch. With the part in one hand, the hammer in your other, and the tack in your third hand, and the heel on the other side of the trunk with your fourth hand, take a whack at it. Then the phone starts ringing, and Aunt Persus can't figure out why you hollered at her when all she did was call to say hello and see if your rhubarb was showing yet. A few words about the use of wood screws on your trunk. " By using screws on an old trunk you not only destroy the historical value of the piece, but you leave yourself wide open to public humiliation.

That covers "Out with the Old", so let's move on to "In With the New"... Or use an old flatiron or the head of an ax - they work quite well. Worse than that, you'll violate the "Brettuns Village Law of Death Before Use of Screws" mandate that was handed down by Congress a long time ago.

Using Antique Trunks in Your Home Bringing an antique trunk into your home is an easy way to add a vintage and authentic designer flair to your decor.

Trunks are wildly functional, combining storage and a flat surface that works for any sort of table.

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