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With reference to Border Collies, these events are open to all, registered or unregistered.Unregistered Border Collies need to be entered as Working Sheepdogs.It only seems confusing and mysterious if your not used to the different systems and understand why they both exist.They are both for very specialised purposes, one decorative and the other functional but they don't represent all the Border Collies out there. So what about the rest of the 'Border Collies' - those that are not from bloodlines registered with either organisation? No traceable lineage other than through the memory of many generations of shepherds who have bred their own lines to be most suitable for their individual terrain, environment and stock?The KC sets a breed standard for all breeds - if they choose to recognise a breed.As far as the KC is concerned, only Border Collies from bloodlines registered with the KC have the right to be described as Border Collies - the rest they call 'working sheepdogs' and can be registered for competition but not for showing. Registering for competition means that a dog with no KC Pedigree can be entered into KC regulated events run under KC rules and participate alongside dogs with KC registered Pedigrees - but this does not extend to the Show ring where only KC Pedigree dogs are allowed to enter. Best of Breed winners of each breed in the group compete to become Best in Group. At each level achieved the value of stud services or pups from the winner of that level increases.breed profile of the Border Collie takes into consideration all Border Collies.

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You have to look deeper and find out what's going on underneath. What it needs from life and what it's sensitive to.

It was not worked out on paper putting certain dogs together to create one that had certain patterns and colours. Where do you draw the line with a breed that has so many claims upon its inheritance and so much input to its lineage?

Purists in both camps would say no but this diversity is the making of the breed.

Introduction - The Three aspects of the Border Collie Jump to - The Kennel Club Border Collie Jump to - The ISDS Border Collie Jump to - The Unregistered Border Collie Jump to - Breed Profile Section Menu Not very much of the information on this page has anything to do with the 'Breed Standard' or Pedigree, as defined by the Kennel Club.

Dogs that fit into that definition form a small proportion of Border Collies around today.

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