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The chemicals most people in the USA still use in their swimming pools and hot tubs are so deadly that they literally were used in WWI as deadly chemical weapons - and subsequently banned as even too horrific for warfare.Worse, as you repeatedly are adding more of these chemicals they are combining to make still other tremendously harmful chemicals as the water become more and more toxic and health destroying.Because it is beneficial to your health, you will increasing want to get into your swimming pool or hot tub, rather than repelled by it for the toxic fumes and water.You will LOVE your swimming pool or hot tub - and so will you body.

78% of pool owners surveyed would not want a swimming pool again. You would think people would rush to jump in, but for some reason have less and less interest in doing so?You may decide to transition to it from what you have been using.No more worrying about Ph factors and it will work with your current pump and pool system.It is a place to leave troubles behind you, let your mind go free and relax.Yet people soon are using their swimming pool or hot less and less.

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