Twenty year age difference dating purdue university dating

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But in general, people don't dwell on our age difference.Two years later, Mike and I are definitely a couple—we live together and we're deeply in love.It was as if by getting to know me on my terms and proving he wanted me in his life as a friend, I'd finally felt comfortable enough to open up in a way I didn't with men I met in typical dating situations.

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My experience, plus being friends with so many divorced women, has made me skeptical about love.

Even his mother approves of us, saying that Mike has always been one to follow his heart. My dad has no idea how old Mike is, and while my mom knows he's younger, she's never asked for details. Although he says having children isn't important to him and that he'd still feel fulfilled without kids, I don't believe him.

But they've seen how skittish I am about romance, so I think they're just happy that I'm happy. That's actually one of our biggest fights—and where the age-difference thing comes out in full force.

Mike's eyes widened—and then he started revealing some deep stuff about himself, too.

He told me about how his best friend had died in a drowning accident in college, and how much that tragedy still affected him, six years later.

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