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She is now a United Nations ambassador and was named by Forbes business magazine as the biggest celebrity on the internet – bigger even than Paris Hilton.Former medical student Miles Beckett, 29, conceived the idea of Lonelygirl15 with screenwriter Mesh Flinders after seeing how popular video blogs were on You Tube.The show takes the format of a video blog or diary and is posted on the internet daily in short webisodes, each lasting between one and three minutes.It aims to replicate the phenomenal success of Lonelygirl15, ostensibly the video diary of a Californian teenager called Bree who posted short films on video-sharing website You Tube about her problems with her religious parents.Recent BBC3 hits include 'Webcam Boys', an investigation into young men who exhibit themselves online for money, and 'The Virtual Reality Virgin', which looked at how virtual reality technology stands to change the way people have sex.The online version of BBC3 has commissioned presenter Stacey Dooley to investigate the rapes in Cologne, and it will air a grim documentary about the death penalty, called 'The Man Who Witnessed 219 Executions'.'No one wins if we have to constantly defend ourselves against people trying to undermine what we are doing.Claudia Joseph went on set to investigate..became the drama's latest star Walking down the escalator into Liverpool Street station in London to buy some sunflowers from a florist, I pray I will not fluff my lines – sorry, my line.Leading lady Alexandra Weaver walks up to me, webcam in hand, and admires my colourful bouquet. I flash her a beaming smile and say: 'They are beautiful, aren't they? It's all over in one take, lasting about five seconds.

They are also invited to search for hidden clues in the storyline and even influence the plot by making suggestions.

Lonelygirl15 started in June last year and initially purported to be a genuine blog.

It became a huge success, peaking at 50million hits, but was eventually outed as a fake by suspicious viewers who recognised Bree as New Zealand actress Jessica Lee Rose, a graduate of the New York Film Academy.

There are even opportunities for live events in the real world. Beckett and another Lonelygirl15 co-creator, lawyer Greg Goodfried, 28, are behind Kate Modern.

But this time the team has made it clear that the show is fiction not fact. Instead of posting the blogs on You Tube, the producers have chosen Bebo, currently the UK's most popular social networking site.

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