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For example, when someone subscribes to one of your Campaign Monitor lists, you might like the data about that subscription to be made available to another application.You can do this by simply specifying a URL to which that data should be sent when the subscription occurs.If we see sustained errors on a request for more than a week, we will automatically deactivate that webhook for you.This limit is something we’ve set initially, but that may change based on customer feedback if it’s too sensitive.™ Box software update version on March 27, 2017.

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We can send this to you in either To minimise the number of HTTP POST requests we make to your URLs, we batch events together into the request body when possible.

The data format of the payload we’ll send as the body of the request is always determined by the payload format you specified when creating the webhook (json or xml).

When someone subscribes to one of your lists, we’ll submit an HTTP POST request similar to the following, to any URLs you’ve registered with the “Subscribe” event.

It will update everything you need including past updates.

There is no access to the older updates from the Harley website anyways. ™ Box still has many annoying bugs and problems, so don't expect this software update to suddenly fix everything. Box 6.5GT Date Released: 03/27/2017 Fixes • Intermittent software lock up caused by long text strings in lists • Traffic settings missing from setup menu for HDI software • Intermittent loss of audio and voice recognition after prompt • Siri not launching consistently if voice recognition is activated • Software freeze with intermittent USB cable operation • POI searches “near destination” was searching near current Position • Unintentional exit from user off mode due to media playing • High contrast mode fixes, track information, progress bar, and voice recognition commands visible in high contrast mode • Screen pop-ups not clearing after Bluetooth pairing • Screen freezes when using older/worn USB cables • Blank screen occurrence when using navigation and requesting weather information • Scrolling to last option in list causes an unintentional selection of last option The Boom Box & Harley Davidson Ride Planner have been working pretty well together. If you aren't using Harley Davidson's Ride Planner to integrate with your Boom! ™ Box system and up to date issues frequently on the weekly Law Abiding Biker Podcast, so get subscribed and always have the freshest information!

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