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I understand that events at these two locations are what is behind some of the Exodus traditions.I understand that the story of the worship of the Golden Calf is drawing from aspects of the "cult of Hathor" at Serabit el Khadim and Timna.Many scholars understand that repeated, intense, archaeological sweeps of the Sinai by the Israelis in the 1960's and 70's failed to find _any evidence_ of Moses' Israelites!

It will be argued that the notion that Israel worshipped a Golden Calf in the Sinai is from a Late Bronze Age Canaanite Origins tradition.Let it be made clear at the outset that this is NOT an attempt to "prove the Exodus to be true," this is an attempt to identify, using archaeological findings, the "historical kernels"" underlying the Exodus traditions, elements and motifs.I personnally do NOT believe the Exodus as presented in the Bible is true.The archaeological evidence "ought to be" of Egyptian pottery of these eras along with Amalekite as well as Midianite wares. A number of scholars possess a "mindset" that as Israel had recently fled from Egypt as slaves that she would avoid these Egyptian installations like the plague!The thought, consequently, never crossed their minds that these mining camps might be nucleus to the Exodus traditions.

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