Teachers intimidating students

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Think about having no access to a computer, no videos, no projector, not being able to make copies, having to enter all your students grades by hand … In a geography lesson, we can now transport students to explore another country, while in an English class we can take them back in time to experience Shakespeare’s plays as they were performed during his lifetime.

Students are able to watch videos at home that explain how to use algebra or allow them to see first-hand the life cycle of a plant.

Technology doesn’t discriminate based on a student’s ability or skill, but instead provides an opportunity to engage students using a medium that they recognise.

Lest we forget, technology is growing not just within our classrooms but also in our everyday lives, so it is therefore natural that we should increasingly incorporate it into classrooms.

Walking into a classroom in Thailand for the first time with 50 students staring at me while I realised I only had myself and a chalkboard to keep them engaged was intimidating.We partner with local school districts, businesses, and colleges and universities to provide a variety of options for students. At the Knox County Career Center Schools District, building Your Future, is Our Mission.If you are a student, you can access and complete the online course to learn basic principles and techniques for money management and investing.You may also want to regularly visit the social networking sites linked to from the home page for updates and discussion.If you are an educator, we invite you to incorporate site content into your lessons on personal finance and to encourage your students to complete the online course.

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