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The guys who I would have some common interests with ignore me.

I'm not basing it on looks alone I would like to be attracted to the person, I have been on dates because of common interests but not found the guy attractive or interesting.

If we accept that online dating can take time, and follow the above guidance, then our online dating endeavors can be more successful. I mostly get 50-70 year olds, winking and messaging me.

I'm an attractive late thirties woman, but look much younger for my age, I have dated guys my own age they are totally grey, balding with bad teeth.

Grandparents or neighbors, colleagues or parents, people whose romantic relationships have endured year after year, inspiring awe for their deep caring, commitment, and joy?

Creating a loving and lasting partnership clearly isn't easy.

The question then is not one of mere stability, but also of : How do two people create and maintain a mutually happy relationship? Relationship researchers are deeply motivated to identify interpersonal patterns characterizing successful marriages.

Romantic relationships are dyadic interactions, and as such, they are ever-changing and intensely complex. Couples' shared participation in novel and arousing activities and experienced relationship quality.

As a kid, I once heard my older sister say to her friend, "Shall I go out with this guy because he has a car, that guy because he has money, or some other guy because he makes me laugh? Rarely are we presented with the luxury of several such date choices at the same time.

In real life, we generally meet potential dates one at a time, and make a decision on whether we like them or not.

First of all, I must admit I'm somewhat offended (but I'll get over it) by the above poster who insisted that "most guys were just looking for sex, endless chatting, deleting profiles without warning..." Now, I suppose that's her experience and I recognize that, but perhaps she might consider that the problem might be her and not everybody else. I did online dating for a couple of years and in that time I met some wonderful, warm, loving and fantastic women. That's not a function of online dating, it's just a function of humanity. There are times in one's life (well, there was in my life anyway) when it's probably a good thing to meet a lot of people, have a lot of relationships, enjoy the excitement of the "new" on a regular basis.

Nothing at all wrong with that, as long as one's honest about it. Why is being messed around, stood up, guys messaging asking out right for sex my fault?

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