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Hello, Just after a date for my Stuart P4y its serial number is 10018from my rough calculations I think that makes it 1933/4? My Calculations were based on: P4, P5, P5M, P55, P55M (mixed) 8003 - 111 to May 1936so if they made the same number every year from start of production, they would make 392.5 a year over 8 years, placing mine in the 5th (and a bit) year of production?

These archives have already been used for various publications by the SBA.The launch was first named Lodona which was later changed to Donola.Purchased by the Thames Conservancy in 1924 for use as their VIP inspection launch, a duty carried out until 1969; Donola was then presented to the National Maritime Museum.During the 1880/90's Thornycroft built over 100 various size torpedo boats at their yard on the Thames for the Admiralty and other navies around the world .Held in store for over 40 years and now restored as a future static museum exhibit.

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