Sprint call log not updating

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Calls are listed in the Call logs tab, the most recent calls are located at the top of the list. Note: Call logs record only calls that occur while the phone is turned on.If a call is received while your phone is turned off, it will not be included in the call logs.In addition, EWD accounts are allowed 1 Airave and 1 Magic Box.You cannot exceed 10 total lines on an EWD account, including partner lines and family lines. If you feel you have received the message in error, please email [email protected]","accessories Header Text":"Accessories","coverage No Text":"We don’t have coverage in your area yet.International address changes are not allowed by the Sprint system.Recommended and Supported Devices Sprint application requirements: 911 IP Relay Disclaimer: Although Sprint IP Relay can be used for emergency calling, such emergency calling may not function the same as traditional 911/E911 services.You may also wish to consider calling 911 from a landline telephone or wireless telephone using a TTY/TDD device, for example.IP Cap Tel phones utilize voice and data connections to allow the user to talk and read captions during a call.

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Sprint may collect your name, location, and other identifying information at the beginning of the 911 call in order to connect you to the most appropriate Emergency Services Provider or Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP).

For more information, please see the FCC Advisory Page Sprint IP Relay allows registered users to login using an internet connection with a web browser through Sprint

If you need to make a call from the Call logs and you are outside your local area code, you can add the appropriate prefix by prepending the number.

Please review the coverage map to ensure our coverage will meet your needs.

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