Speed dating delaware

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But the charming, witty woman convinces Alex to meet with her in a suite at the Aventura, a luxury hotel with a checkered history. An enamel-­tile portrait of Jascha Heifetz protruded below the bridge, showing the maestro looking skeptical.What Thalia wants from Alex are answers to unsettling questions—about guilt, patterns of criminal behavior, victim selection. Robin, hair kerchiefed, wearing a black tee and overalls, was holding the monstrosity up to the skylight and shaking her head. But when eucalyptus joined the vegetative mix, branches dense enough to form a roof created an artificial dusk.Maybe Thalia Mars was one of those super-­specimens. As I climbed the steps, the arid voice I’d heard over the phone said, “Dr. The chair looked identical to the throne Sydney Greenstreet had occupied in Casablanca.The actor had been four times that weight and overflowed the cane.With his son, bestselling novelist Jesse Kellerman, he co-authored The Golem of Hollywood and The Golem of Paris. What might have been actual constellations, but I’m no astronomer.

For Thalia Mars is a victim like no other, an enigma who harbored nearly a century of secrets and whose life and death draw those around her into a vortex of violence. “This is after I convinced him to tone it down.”“No more penis-­shaped headstock.”“That and Heifetz doing something gross. ”“Finished some reports and heading out in a couple.”“Milo beckoned? ”“She’s one of Ruben Eagle’s donors.”“So you do a good deed and get to escape the office. I’ve been wondering when it would get to you.”“I’ve been restless? Robin and I sometimes ate or drank at the Bel-­Air and back in my hospital days I’d attended fundraisers at Hiltons and such. Out-­of-­state plates and rental cars predominated. Spanish Colonial mama struggling to birth a giant alien baby.

When Alex asks the reason for her morbid fascination, Thalia promises to tell all during their next session. I said, “The customer’s always right.”“Whoever coined that never met Clive. You’re a mind reader.”Blanche, our little blond French bulldog, rose from her basket, waddled over, and rubbed her head on my ankle. Ten spinal concussions in, I reached a fork marked by a clot of massive banana plants.

But when he shows up the following morning, he is met with silence: Thalia is dead in her room. I put the sandwiches on a table and fetched her a stick of jerky from the treat bag. “Five hundred hours of my life and I end up with this.”“Think of it as an avant-­garde masterpiece.”“Isn’t ‘avant-­garde’ French for ‘weird’? Speed bumps placed every twenty feet enforced the rule. Valet and self-­parking to the right, hotel entrance to the left. I parked, walked for a while, finally arrived at a structure that might’ve been designed by Clive Xeno during a bender: two stories of tile-­roofed hacienda in the same pallid pink, attached to a four-­story steel-­and-­bronze glass cylinder.

No name tags, no notice of my approach as thirty fingers continued to tap laptops. Just keep going and go outside and you’ll see a sign leading to The Green.”I said, “O-­ree—­”The first man said, “Ori-­hi-­naaal.

When I reached the counter, one of the men smiled with astonishing warmth while continuing to type. Spanish for ‘original.’ ”Second said, “What’s left of the old hotel.

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