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'But then it's right there staring you in the face.

So you don't know what to say or do.'Boatright said Kamiyah was a well-mannered teen who was 'very well read' and 'disciplined'.

A DNA sample from the teen was taken and submitted to a crime lab, where it was matched with the original newborn DNA taken the day Kamiyah was born. Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams said Kamiyah plans on staying in South Carolina for the time being.'She's taking it as well as you can imagine,' Williams said.

'We have victim's advocates up there, she has a lot to process, a lot to think about.' Court records show that Gloria Williams has an extensive criminal record and has been found guilty of writing fraudulent checks and welfare fraud.

'The family is a good family,' said Ruben Boatright, who has known Williams for 15 years and watched Kamiyah grow up.

'You don't want to think bad thoughts of anyone in your family, and that she would do something like that,' he told WJXT.

Williams was employed as a social worker and attended church every Sunday, where she also led the youth program.

Williams blew Kamiyah a kiss as the teenager cried out 'Momma' and told her abductor she was 'praying' for her.

'It doesn’t change any feelings I have for her, the same love I have for her the day I held her to now, to 43 more years, she is my child,' Manigo said passionately during the ABC News interview.'I cant cut that off, I won’t cut that off.' During the ABC interview, Manigo claimed that for the past 18 years, he's been present for all of the girl's milestones, including her prom.'She was the love of my life,' Manigo said. I understand what's going on, but she's still my child.' Kamiyah was reunited with her biological parents Shanara Mobley and Craig Aiken on Saturday, just days after learning the shocking secret of how she was snatched at birth by the woman who raised her.

Williams is thought to have suffered a miscarriage about a week before she drove the three hours from South Carolina to Florida and abducted baby Kamiyah in 1998.

'He was the reason I didn't go to my senior prom, he was not there when I moved to Georgia, never saw him. She said in the post 'he didn't even help with nothing (sic) that was done for that prom' (above together)The teen girl went on to make a point about how he works at a car dealership, but yet her grandfather gave her her first car.'I call my granddaddy daddy and he earned it,' Kamiyah wrote.

Of his alleged claims that he contributed money to Williams for child support, Kamiyah wrote, 'He like (sic) to bring up a check a week? My bundles [of weave hair] cost 0.' She continues, 'Do the math? 'I can count on my fingers how many times I've spent the night at your house.'She claims that he told people that Williams prevented her from staying over at his house, when she actually just never wanted to see the man who she thought was her father.

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