Speed dating brainstorming

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Essentially, speed-storming involves having people work in pairs generating ideas in a round robin fashion for about 3-5 minutes each round.Ideally, the pairs may consist of people from different disciplines or departments.For now, it is a promising new technique calling for refinement and more research. For more information on speed-storming, please see: Hey, J. After all, one of its purposes is to facilitate potential collaboration that crosses disciplinary boundaries!If it does, then one reaps extra benefits, provided organizational code of ethics will permit such benefits.However, as it is not clear that speed-dating accomplishes any more than making lightening speed decisions about identifying a potential life-long mate, at least at that moment, so it is with speed-storming-we do not know to what extent the new ideas and fast judgments about potential collaborators have actually worked out in the long run for potentially serious issues in organizations.

As there were many of them, I chose a lady who did free consultations because I didn't want to spend money on something that seemed quackery to me.It was not a "psychological" reading as I expected at all. However, from that moment on I started to visit other fortune-tellers by cards to know more about these predictions and their opinions/predictions.She predicted childhood events that really happened and that nobody in the whole world could ever know... I think I went to some 40-50 other people and wrote down their predictions very carefully.Speed-storming is no doubt a fascinating new strategy for benefiting from various individuals in a short time period.It can facilitate interdisciplinary contributions to solving problems, provided people with different specialties can communicate with each other.

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