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Now I would like to create a single form (with sub-forms if needed) to populate my tables.I would like to be able to add a new book and select from, for examples, existing authors or add the author anew; same for data in the One-to-Many relationship. I am really lost, do I need multiple forms and to add them as sub forms of a main one, do I need queries, or what? Each subform should be based on the junction table with book id as the link child and master field and a combo box based on the relevant table for the second table id.How to update multiple records The Sample Data Creating the Form In creating the HTML form, we need to output two sets of data to send back to the server.The first is a list of Primary Key values that can be used to work out which records need to be updated.Included in the file is also a sample Access database you can use to run page.We load from "insert" (1-2) Setup the update step options (1-3). My example: I have 2 tables, 1 for companies (ID, company name, country ID) and one for countries (country ID, name of the country).To eliminate repetition of country names I use country ID to link the 2 tables, and only add the ID of the country, not its name.

I created the tables and set the relationships Image of my DB I have a few tables related to the “Books” one in Many-to-Many relationship (e.g.The way I do this is with unbound forms, so I control all of the SQL statements to tell the data what to do and where to go.Since you have 3 fields being sent into a row in the "companies" table and 2 fields being sent into a row in the countries table with 1 of the fields being in a relationship (I'm assuming 1 to many), create 4 textboxes (or whatever other control) on your form.The second is the record data, but stored in a format such that we can work out which data belongs to which record.To do this, we output a set of hidden fields that contain our records' ID values (alternatively, we could output a single hidden field containing a delimited list of values).

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