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But the firm also risks accusations that it could seek to take advantage of its relationship with politicians to push its own agenda on issues such as internet regulation.

Earlier this month, Facebook was accused of fuelling a tide of vile abuse against Tory general election candidates.

The CIA re-upped with Visible Technologies as part of another million funding round in March 2011.

Other companies that mine web data and have taken In-Q-Tel investments include: Google and CIA: old friends Are you seeing a trend yet?

Whatever your challenge, we can help you boost efficiency while saving resources.

Lodam has worked with applications for over 30 years and continues to explore new ways to deliver value to our customers.

The companies that take In-Q-Tel's money aren't shy about publicizing what they're up to, either.

Omniture's Visual Sciences unit has also taken In-Q-Tel money.Digital campaigning is at the heart of our efforts.’ Facebook declined to comment.Facebook's political team has worked with thousands of elected officials and politicians all over the world.Staff members provided by Facebook were embedded in Donald Trump’s campaign to become US president.Mark Zuckerberg's company, which has over 2 billion users, has a little-known government and politics unit which helps political parties around the world use the site to win and hang on to power (file pic)The firm has also boasted of helping the SNP ‘achieve an overwhelming victory’ in the 2015 election, when it took 56 of 59 Scottish seats in Westminster.

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