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Am I a terrible person for wanting to walk away from a man because of this?

How open are you about mental illness in the workplace?

I am married to a man with an addiction to sex and I am on a rollercoaster ride from hell.

My husband has an obsession with sex, perhaps an addiction even. He can never have enough sex and the sex we have never meets his unreasonably high standards.

In a desperate attempt to save our destructive marriage, I started researching his behaviour on the internet.

Apparently obsessive sexual behaviour is quite common in adults with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

The extent of his obsession means that spending time with his two children has just never been a priority.If you know that one of your colleagues suffers from a mental illness, would you be able to help them at work?Maligay Govender offers some helpful mental health "first aid" tips. on a Sunday afternoon last November when a contingent of police gathered outside the home of Louis Conradt Jr., a longtime county prosecutor living in the small community of Terrell, Texas, just east of Dallas.Though the fifty-six-year-old Conradt was a colleague of some of the officers, they hadn’t come to discuss a case or for a backyard barbeque.

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