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Ons team van mooie en professionele Thaise meisjes nodigt je uit voor een aangename en ontspannende massagesessie tussen B2B, Tantra of Traditional.

We wachten om u te verwelkomen met professionaliteit, Hygiëne en Discretie. Open van Maandag tot Zaterdag vanaf 10h tot 22h in Aarschotsebaan 175 1910 Kampenhout. aantrekkelijk, dat maakt je dromen waar, ik heb een heerlijke pik, 20 cm lang, zeer actief, lang, hard en vol melk, ik heb een fit lichaam, mooie kont, gebruinde huid, al mijn foto's zijn echt en waar voor precies dezelfde persoon, GROOT LIKE EN VOOR ALTIJD ...

Ken Russell - Always on Sunday (1965) Ten down-and-dirty pulp novels you need to read, from the Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society: 1. (2) Peter Gidal, Structural Film Anthology This is an important work; but it also marks a time when experimental film became dogmatic and when "the optical printer was the death of underground film", to quote underground filmmaker Wilhelm Hein.

But Cage's soft-spoken American Zen that leaves no questions to be asked can be no less totalitarian. Lou Reed View From the Bandstand" essay from Aspen No. Web Top Ten for October 2011 Selected by Vijay Seshadri 1.

(6) George Kuchar, The Kiss of Frankenstein [PDF] Kuchar was a true king of camp and filmic folk art. Ubu Web Top Fifteen May 2014 Selected by Heman Chong 1. Olivier Assayas - Sans titre AKA Man Yuk: A Portrait of Maggie Cheung (1997) 3. Annika Eriksson - Staff at Moderna Museet (2000) 7. Aspen: the magazine in a box, complete I'd found one copy of one issue in 1999, and it was a revelation to be able to read the entire series in 2002. On Kawara, One Million Years (1993) [MP3] This project left a deep impression on me at documenta xi in 2002. Aspen 1 - "Configurations of the New World" A series of ambitious, visionary essays from the Aspen Design Conference, 1964 4.

Nam June Paik - "Topless Cellist" Charlotte Moorman (1995) 2. Just like 1970s structuralist film, Tom Johnson's work also marks the point where undogmatic avant-garde experimentation becomes formalist. His most recent work is Twice Upon a Time: Listening to New York (Atavist 2014). Ubu Web Top Sixteen April 2014 Selected by Greg Allen 1.

Morton Feldman, ‘The King of Denmark’ (performed by Max Neuhaus) [MP3] 10. Harry Smith: Heaven & Earth Magic Luc Sante's books include Low Life, Evidence, The Factory of Facts, Kill All Your Darlings, and The Other Paris. Velimir Khlebnikov-The Radio of the Future (1921/2006) 2. Lawrence Weiner / Peter Gordon-Memories of Stu Irwin (1982) 7. Founded in 1997, Wave Farm is a non-profit arts organization driven by experimentation with broadcast media and the airwaves.

Georges Perec "TENTATIVE DE DESCRIPTION DE CHOSES VUES AU CARREFOUR MABILLON LE (A. R.) derek beaulieu was Calgary's Poet Laureate (2014-16), is the editor of no press, and the editor of Ubu Web Visual Poetry. Last publications: Anti-Media, NAi010 Publishers, 2013, What Is Post-Digital? Ubu Web Top Ten August 2014 Selected by Don Share 1. Maya Deren - A Study In Dance for the Camera Human and machine movement, timeless meshings. Jean Genet - Un Chant d’Amour Masterpiece of queer lust and love. Tracey Moffatt - Night Cries: A Rural Tragedy Reclaiming the Aboriginal image. Valerie Solanas - Scum Manifesto Cyberfeminism ahead of its time. Sun Ra - Space is the Place You have to fast-forward to the moments of beauty, but its worth it. René Viénet - Girls of Kamare More visceral and passionate than Debord's détournement.

(7) Marcel Broodthaers, La Pluie (Projet pour un texte) Like nearly all of Broodthaers' work, this one (showing a writer literally writing against the rain) needs no comment or explanation. Dora García - The Deviant Majority from Basaglia to Brazil (2010) 11. Nancy Perloff, Postmodernism and the Music of John Cage (2002) Cage talked about bringing "about a situation in which there is no difference between the audience and the performers." 6. John Cage, "Laughtears" Part 1, Part 2 Steve Roggenbuck is the first poet to be catalogued as a meme by Know Your Meme. Ubu Web Top Ten February 2014 Selected by Matmos 1.

Nevertheless, his work is never far away from something that could go from underground to fairly mainstream college humor comedy. Theodor Adorno -- "Punctuation Marks" (1956) [PDF] 4. John Baldessari - Six Colorful Tales: From the Emotional Spectrum (Women) (1977) 8. Pina Bausch - Kontakthof mit Senioren ab "65" (2000) 10. Aspen 5 6 - Lichtspiel, by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy an excerpt of an abstract film made from the Bauhaus pioneer's Light Space Modulator, a machine whose reincarnations I began researching in depth 5. Gertrude Stein Reads from "The Making of Americans" 10.

Mike Kelley and Ericka Beckman - Blind Country (1989) 3. Andy Warhol - Andy Warhol Talks to The Chelsea Girls (1970-71) 5. (3) La Monte Young, Jackson Mac Low (editor), An Anthology (of Chance Operations), 1963 [PDF] Simply a classic with which Fluxus (and everything that followed it) really began. Ubu Web Top Ten July 2012 Selected by Bryan Waterman 1. Ubu Web Radio Rob Walker is a contributing writer to The New York Times Magazine and Design Observer. La Monte Young - The Well-Tuned Piano in The Magenta Lights (87 V 10 PM – 87 V 10 AM NYC) (Tom Recchion) 15.

For 365 days, he wandered around Ubu Web and for one year he tweeted every day something from this website (all the above are from these 365 days, a complete list can be downloaded here.) His #superduperdecorativeart manifesto will be published this fall. John Baldessari - Six Colorful Inside Jobs (1971) 2. (2) Gertrude Stein, If I Told Him Gertrude Stein's verbal portrait of Picasso that translates the poetics of cubist painting into the grammar of spoken language. Thanks so much for asking us to do this, it was a fun sort of agony. Alan Kaprow's Untitled Essay & Other Works [PDF] 9. Michel de Certeau's The Practice of Everyday Life 11. Art & Language with Red Krayola: Nine Gross and Conspicuous Errors (1976) 13. Belinda Blignaut is a South African artist, living and working near Cape Town. Giorno Poetry Systems / Dial-a-Poem Poet recordings (1972-82) 8. "Discourses of Gender and Desire: The Semiotics of Media in the 60s,” | from Soundings, with Wayne Pond 10. Komar and Melamid & Dave Soldier - Most Un/Wanted Song 5. People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz - Rhapsody in Glue 7. Vito Acconci - Ten Packed Minutes [MP3] Vito Acconci on Ubu Web Sound 9. Out of Orbit: The Life and Times of Marshall Mc Luhan (1999) (Tom Recchion) 14.

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