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Jazz Improvisation—Instrumental/Beginning Introduction to jazz scales, rhythmic styles, and standard patterns that will help you take effective solos with ensembles.

Jazz Improvisation—Instrumental/Continuing This class provides additional information and challenge beyond the basics of jazz improvisation.

Class will include some hands-on music making to explore different instruments and genres found in the region.

Musical Theater Tips and Techniques Topics will include taking auditions, projection, and dramatic movement as well as production aspects of theater such as direction and staging.

This course will investigate examples from different musical genres and examine what makes them experimental, including progressive rock, opera, performance art, avant-garde classical music, and everything in between.

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Conducting—Instrumental Learn fluid beat patterns and expressive skills, view scores from classic literature to contemporary compositions, and experience the perspective from the podium from preparation to performance skills. Learn about all the electronic and electro-acoustic instruments in UW–Madison’s new Electro-Acoustic Research Space.

You must complete a separate application and submit by May 21, 2018.

Details available here Students choose one or more performing ensemble (provided the class times do not conflict) and can combine choral and instrumental choices in their schedules.

Learn the skills needed to project your voice clearly, represent your character through body movement, and take your performance to the next level.

American Experimental Traditions American classical and popular music alike is full of examples of experimental sounds.

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