Se7en dating scandal

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BTS is always oversees so spying on them would be futile.

The employees decide to ask around about this mystery girl.

The first three to guess correctly will win a prize.

You could uncover all 5 clues and still answer too late or you could only have uncovered one clue and still answer correctly.

“After confirming with Park herself, it seems they became close during shooting of the last drama.

They developed feelings for each other and are seeing each other.

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They all try to put the puzzle pieces together by comparing the clues with the members ideal types.

The coffee shop owner commented, Despite getting caught dating by the media, the new couple did not seem to mind, but did not outwardly express their feelings for one another either.

Instead, the new couple has admitted they are in fact dating, asking fans to congratulate them.

Park Han Byul was photographed by The Fact on various outings with actor Jung Eun Woo.

They were seen enjoying drives in Park Han Byul’s Mercedez G Wagon, and were often spotted enjoying a coffee date in Jangan-dong.

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