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The Four Napad that resulted in the mutated BSAA agents attacked Chris and Piers and knocked Chris out, also causing him to suffer from amnesia.Miraculously, Piers was able to survive against these Napad while dragging an unconscious Chris to safety.The remaining three succeeded in defeating the snake after much effort.

He once sent an e-mail to Claire, asking if she had any photos of a younger Chris Redfield.

Piers' chronologically earliest known mission was carried out during an outbreak in Philosophy University, Australia, where he and Chris met a former STARS member named Rebecca Chambers.

Piers accompanies Chris and Merah Biji to investigate the Marhawa Academy outbreak.

However, Piers brings the memories to surface by forcing him to look at pictures of his deceased team members.

Despite Chris resistance, Piers and other BSAA operatives return him to the BSAA to help with a mission in Lanshiang.

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