Relative age dating lab

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If you wanted to draw the diagram to scale, you might actually find out the official focal length of the lens you're using, and position the focal length appropriately.

A focal length of 30 centimeters might become 3 centimeters on your diagram, depending on how large your piece of paper is.

For a CONCAVE lens: Step 3: Draw a straight line from the top of your object towards the focal point on the far side.

But once the ray hits the lens, bend the line parallel to the principal axis (so the ray never actually reaches the focal point it was pointed towards).

And, they've given sight to people who could hardly see at all. And concave lenses are lenses that diverge light, bending light that's coming together to make the beams spread further apart.

By drawing rays and following some basic rules, we can figure out what image will be produced by a lens.The rules are slightly different for a concave versus a convex lens.Step 1: Draw your principal axis - just a horizontal line on your paper. And draw two dots on each side of the lens, at the same distance away from it, and mark them F for focal point.The bottom of your image is always formed on the principal axis.For a concave lens, the three lines actually don't meet. But you can trace them backwards with dotted lines until they meet on the same side of the lens as the object.

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