Prostitute dating sites dating on the dark side

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Brothels were banned in 1930, though prostitution remained legal.Any person who obtains for consideration the sexual services of a person under 18 years of age (in other words, has commercial sex with such a person) commits an offence and may be punished with imprisonment of up to seven years or a fine or both.These activities are illegal, and the operators of such massage establishments risk jail if exposed by anti-vice police raids.Yet, virtually everyone who visits these establishments in particular is fully aware of the sexual services provided within, and are there precisely because of it.Teo Zhi Jie has since been sentenced to two years and seven months in jail and 12 strokes of the cane.

Some massage parlours, including tui na outlets, employ women from mainland China and offer massages as a pretext for 'special' sexual services.The registration of prostitutes and brothels was made compulsory in an attempt to prevent forced prostitution, and an Office to Protect Virtue was set up to help anyone unwillingly involved in prostitution.During the first half of the twentieth century a series of legal changes were enacted to restrict prostitution.There are also rare cases of policemen impersonation on the pretext of robbing sex workers.These are offences punishable by the law in Singapore, as in the case of Teo Zhi Jie, Melvin Tan Shen Kang, Andrew Tan Zhi Wei and Lee Qing Yew.

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