Problems updating to ios 5 restore Ok chat video sex

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What steps should you take if this happens and how do you protect yourself before you update your i OS device?The upgrade to i OS 5 started smoothly enough on my end as i Tunes seemed to be chugging along updating my device.That should force i Tunes to again see the device and let you to restore your data from the recent backup.If for some reason that process doesn't kick off automatically, you can click on the Restore button in i Tunes to recover your last backup.The latest version of Apple's i OS left many i Pod and i Phone users shaking their heads when they tried to upgrade.Problems ranged from lengthy downloads of the new i OS from i Tunes, to some users who had been left with bricked phones and erased contacts after the update.This is what most users refer to as a "bricked" i Phone or i Pod touch.You'll have to put your phone into forced recovery mode.

After a restoration job that took a few hours, my i Pod Touch was back in business and fully loaded with i OS 5.Next, I've heard reports of people who've bumped into problems connecting their Apple device to a USB hub rather than to their computer.To be safe, plug your device directly into a USB port on your PC before you begin the update.After plugging and unplugging my Touch and rebooting my PC, i Tunes still wouldn't see the device.At that point, I had to jump into DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode.

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