Post dating check florida

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And of course you'll never be able to use their services (or any other payday loan places for that matter.They all keep in touch with each other for that very reason) again.

However, most banks -at their option- may either reject or negotiate a post dated check as if it has the current/past date on it.

No costs shall be charged to the county in such dismissed cases.

For the purposes of construction of this section, a payee or holder does not have knowledge, express notification, or reason to believe that the maker or drawer has insufficient funds to ensure payment of a check, draft, or debit card solely because the maker or drawer has previously drawn or issued a worthless check, draft, or debit card order to the payee or

I cant share about every bank but i know that is a post dated check is presented at the bank i work at we will not honor it.

That said, if a post dated check is dropped in the night deposit or ATM machine we really have no choice but to process it.

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