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After their mission is complete, Harry and Jesse seek refuge on Earth-1 from Zoom's pursuit. Labs into a museum to open to the public to maintain Team Flash's cover after discovering how many criminals breached the facility prior to his arrival. After Harry is expelled from the Council of Wells by Harrison Wolfgang Wells due to his deteriorating intelligence, he joins a new Wells group founded by Cisco: The Council of Harrisons, consisting of Earth-47 Wells (who was also expelled from the Council of Wells), Sonny Wells of Earth-24 and Harrison H. After Barry's speed is sacrificed to Zoom to save Wally West, Harry recreates a miniature particle accelerator to help Barry regain these powers based on Eobard's plans. Harry returns early in season three after Jesse is revealed to have developed super-speed as a result of the accelerator, but Harry tries to have the team talk his daughter out of pursuing heroics. After Barry and Jesse are forced to team up, Harry becomes more supportive of it. R.'s scientist partner, Randolph Morgan, was the one who solved the equation meant for H. Peyton appeared in the role of ‘Princess Rose’ for the movie in the year 2014. Similarly, she appeared in the movie The Thinning as Laina Michaels in the year 2016.Later she appeared in the movie The Outcasts in the year 2017.Besides films, Peyton has also appeared in various television series throughout her professional career.She has a net worth of Million but her salary is not revealed yet. Furthermore, he body figure measures the size of 33-23-33 inches.

Besides these platforms, she is also active on You Tube where her account holds 88k subscribers.Peyton List, star of 'Jessie' the hit Disney Channel show with Debby Ryan talks about her dating life as she turns 16 - plus season four 'Jessie' spoilers and her new movie 'The Outskirts' with Victoria Justice. Previously, she has been in the relationship with Cameron Boyce from 2012 to 2015. She is extremely prominent for a role in 2012 film “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days”, as ‘Holly Hills’. V and film industry at the young age and has earned more fame and fans. Her nationality is American and belongs to Mixed (German, English, Scottish, and French) ethnicity. However, Wells is revealed to have many secrets: he is faking paralysis, possesses the AI Gideon with futuristic information, and is willing to kill to protect his protégé and cover his own tracks. Despite being a father figure alongside Joe West and Henry Allen to Barry, Wells is eventually revealed to be Eobard Thawne, the Flash's archenemy from the future and a descendant of Central City police officer Eddie Thawne. Along with Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow, he helps develop Barry's powers as the Flash and mentors him in pushing speed to the limit to come up with novel solutions to take down metahuman criminals. Labs team despite being close to all of them, especially Barry and Cisco.

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