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So what you are saying Socal is that they can make it up as they go along?

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This is simple,common sense and logic for which no belief is necessary. :) day off and everything...i'm pretty sure there would be a god/dess for such a concept....although perhaps you were being sarcastic....

in various mythologies, there are gods for all sorts of things... Now this can get into a interesting branch of metaphysical philosophy. Lets assume, for the sake of argument, that enough different spiritual beliefs agree that there was a central source for creation, a source responsible for man.

As man becomes more aware of his surroundings he begins to attribute and interact with various Gods, responsible for different aspects of creation.

The question is, were the Gods in place before man was aware of them, or were they created by man and evolved from there?

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Then to run such a big universe which is infinite we need Gods and Godessess(at least for those who believe)in large no.

So your answer is...If you accept it as fact that modern Wicca derives mainly from a Celtic Backgroundthen there are many Gods/Godesses To say they are inextricably joined in many ways is also correct But this joining/unification does not neccessarily mean they are all part of the same Deity...

Wiccans have as many gods and goddesses as they want, they make it up as they go or rely on bad historical writings usually published by Lllewellyn; they take other religion's deities without any full cultural understanding.

Personally, i wouldnt even go as far as to say there are two, but a single, undeffinable (hence lables as to gender dont apply) source.

All of creation, are different facets of that source, be it gods, thought, or that flower growing out of the crack in the sidewalk.

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