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She's marking herself and she has defined herself by her trauma, almost. I think she literally gets a bucket of bleach and sticks her head in it.

It's like her cutting of her back, it's a self-flagellation thing.""I think what Graeme [Manson, co-creator and executive producer] was playing with a little bit is that it's just this empath thing that she has through a biological, spiritual connection. I have it with my brothers, where my brother and I will be on the phone and I know what he's going to tell me even though he hasn't told me yet.

when viewers realized that the show—which began with a woman witnessing the suicide of a stranger who happened to look exactly like her—was something special.

But not even star Tatiana Maslany could have guessed that the series would introduce a breathtakingly sprawling mystery about human clone sisters navigating morality, philosophy, genetics, feminism, family, and a complicated conspiracy that doesn't necessarily tie up into a neat bow at the end (sorry, Clone Club)."I knew up to episode two," Maslany explains of what she expected when shooting started.

The 38-year-old actress, who is a UN Special Envoy for Refugee, is said to have wanted to adopt all three children, but it was claimed that she was stopped as Brad allegedly said it would be hard for their children to adjust to the sudden change in family dynamics. But they compromised at adopting one.’As special envoy for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Angelina has made more than six visits to Syrian refugee camps and has been an eyewitness to the atrocities happening in that sphere of the world.But she still can't go into that room where she's not invited.Her journey has really always been so interesting to me. They've gone through the wringer in terms of everything—distrust from day one and always being on two sides of the system.In a Los Angeles coffee shop just a short walk from the home where she and her boyfriend, Welsh actor Tom Cullen, recently settled down, the 31-year-old Canadian beauty opened up about the show that changed her life, how science fiction is a lot more like our current reality, and what's next on her horizon."The finale was sort of like a two-parter—it had high-action intensity in the first half that felt connected to the world that we've been living in, which is so extreme and horrifying.But what I was really excited about, and what I think we were all interested in, was that quiet after—what happens when you actually have freedom but people aren't able to move on?

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