Online dating and networking

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The website was Tinder has made a name for itself as the hookup app for online dating.Its unique swiping interface (users swipe right to convey interest and left to convey disinterest) and geographical features (it is possible to see which other online users are in close proximity) have made it a favorite for young singles.

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People were just so used to meeting potential mates at social events or through friends and family that the idea of turning a virtual stranger into lifelong love was far-fetched, to say the least.Here, the Investing News Network profiles the top 5 social networking sites in online dating.From major websites that dominate the online dating scene to small-cap companies that specialize in specific niches, these five companies are all making important contributions to the social media scene, and may be options for social media investors.Plentyof is also popular because it is entirely free.Unlike other websites that charge an upfront fee or require an ongoing subscription, this website is entirely open to anybody who might like to join.

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