Office 2016 not validating

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The only valid name present in the certificate is *.So your working domain is or ?

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This is an older domain and it is still using a .local so I don't know if there is anyway to mask the fqdn here.Additional Details Autodiscover Account Settings XML response: X-Calculated BETarget: Mail Server.contoso.local X-Diag Info: MAILSERVER X-BEServer: MAILSERVER Persistent-Auth: true X-FEServer: MAILSERVER Content-Length: 740 Cache-Control: private Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8 Date: Mon, GMT Set-Cookie: X-Back End Cookie=S-1-5-21-3 I'll just throw this out there, not sure if you're on-prem--guessing so, but Autodiscover had to be autodiscover.for outside.I have had issues with this on small scale migrations, lessons learned the hard way. Thanks Lisa, Yes this is an on-premise Exchange 2016 server synced with Exchange Online Protection via Azure Active Directory Connect.Can you Run the following command on exchange server to get the certificate details This example returns a summary list of all Exchange certificates and pending certificate requests on the server named Mailbox01.Get-Exchange Certificate -Server Mailbox01 Example 2 This example returns detailed information for the specified certificate.

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