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Ginny Birney, UNICAS Project Manager, who is based in Research and Graduate Services, said that between 20 the project will have awarded around £220,000 to inter-disciplinary collaborative research projects.

UNICAS-funded projects in 2012 went on to apply for over £1m in grants from funding bodies including BBSRC, MRC, Leverhulme and EPSRC.

If any of the individuals you ticked ticked you then you're sent your opposite's e-mail address.In many cases such equipment is not in use all of the time and researchers may not be aware that it is available or can be applied to their field.Such equipment – and the expertise of staff trained to use it – can be made more widely available through UNICAS.My motives I wasn’t going to Speed date to find myself a boyfriend, I was going to have some fun and if a positive side affect was a date, then all the better.It seemed to be an attitude shared by most of the people I spoke to on the night, in fact for several this wasn’t their first time.

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